Red Orchestra 2: Heroes Of Stalingrad

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Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad (RO2) is the follow up to Tripwire interactive's popular FPS Red Orchestra: Osfront 41-45. Red Orchestra 2 features a realistic ballistics firing system, bullet drop, realistic tank control and interior, and several other gameplay features that set Red Orchestra 2 apart from other FPS games. In RO2, players can chose to join the German Wehrmacht or the Soviet Red Army. Tripwire Interactive has realistically designed weapons in the game to look and act era appropriate, and realism is stressed in Red Orchestra 2.


Bolt-action Rifles and Sniper Rifles

Machine pistols and Sub-Machine Guns

Rifles -Automatic and Assault

Machine Guns and Anti-Tank Rifles

Pistols and Grenades


Weapon Leveling

Weapons level up similarly to players and give their own bonuses after gaining more kills. Many weapons also unlock upgrades at landmark levels.

Unlocks include

  • Bayonets for all rifles & the MKB assault rifle
  • Different scopes for the marksman class rifles and the MKB
  • Improved drum magazine for the PPSH 41 and double magazine for the MP40
  • Sight hood removal for the K98 rifle

Any gun requires 1650 kills to reach maximum level. After reaching the maximum, the stats screen will show a number out of -1650 kills to the next level, but the total kills record stays accurate.



Players gain permanent progression in RO2 through the Honor system and class levels. Each different weapon also has its own level progression system. Honor level unlocks higher level classes while the class levels give small bonuses to the player, such as reduced recoil and higher stamina.


In the Territory game mode, players are attempting to attack or defend specific Objectives. Your Overhead Map or Tactical View will show you where the active Objectives are. Killing the enemy certainly helps, but the key is to pick an Objective to attack or defend as necessary. Players will respawn in waves, unless the Commander uses his "ForceRespawn" option. You will be able to choose which spawn location you respawn at or, if your Squad Leader is alive and in a safe location, you can choose to respawn close by his location.


In the Countdown game mode, one side will start attacking, the other defending. There are multiple Objectives, to be attacked/defended in sequence - but both teams only get one life per Objective and there is a (short) time limit in which the attackers have to take the Objective. If the attackers kill all the defenders, or capture the Objective, within the time limit, everyone respawns and the fight shifts to the next Objective on the map. If all the attackers are killed, or the time runs out on any Objective, the defenders win; if the attackers take the final Objective, they win. In either case, the attackers and defenders swap places - and the side that defended first now has to try and do better! To give the attacking side a better chance, their Commander has 2 (and only 2) reinforcement waves he can use, forcing a respawn wave, so long as the Objective timer hasn't run out. These need to be used very carefully!


The Firefight game mode is the simplest - the objective is to kill more of the enemy than they can kill of your team. There are no Objectives to attack/defend - just find enemy soldiers and kill them, before they kill you. You will respawn close to other soldiers on your team automatically, in a "safe" location.

Multiplayer Campaign

To expand on the 3 core game modes, there is an overall Multiplayer Campaign. In the Campaign, two sides can fight over the whole City of Stalingrad, divided into 10 Sectors. Each side starts owning 5 Sectors, with their strength represented by "Combat Strength". One side gets to vote to attack an enemy-held Sector, or to defend and force the enemy to attack. Defending can be risky - get it wrong and you lose a Sector - but may be necessary if you have taken heavy casualties. Each of the 10 Sectors is represented by one of the standard MP maps. Whichever side is attacking each turn gets to choose which game mode is played on each map. Whoever wins the map takes (or keeps, if defending) the Sector being fought over. But now, your casualties matter: your casualties are deducted from your side's Combat Strength. You will receive reinforcements dependent on the number of Sectors you now hold. Your Combat Strength is unlikely to go up - but you want to make sure the enemy loses strength quicker than you do! The winner of the map then gets to choose to attack or defend - so long as they have enough Combat Strength to attack at all! One side will win if it takes all the Sectors; if both sides' Combat Strength is too low to attack, the side owning the most Sectors is the winner.


The RO2 manual (work in progress)