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The building block of the team is the Rifleman, consisting often of half of the team's units. The rifleman uses a bolt rifle, the German Mauser Kar98k and the Russian M1891/30 Rifle. In realism more and action you can unlock the opposing side's bolt rifle and choose it if you wish at veteran rank in the rifleman class. This is not possible in classic mode as it is locked to realistic loadouts.


The basic role for all armies of the period was the rifleman. it was so crucial to the infantry that the term (Schütze or Strelok) was also used simply to refer to a soldier. All soldiers in the infantry would start as a rifleman after completing basic training. The basic rifle platoon for each side consisted of 3 or 4 squads of 8-10 riflemen.


In-game with the teams filled up the rifleman often takes up half of each team's units. Meaning they are a major asset for victory regardless of their arguably lesser equipment. They are best used as more "bodies" in capture zone, in defending and attacking. Though on the latter matter they are best, just getting into the cap and holding a safe spot. Waiting for more able units to clear out the capture zone, such as the SMG AND semi-rifle users.


The weapon used by the rifleman is a simple bolt rifle. By design these are accurate, has high damage, but slow in firing rate. Because the user need to rebolt the bolt mechanism each time for a new round to enter the chamber. Rather than the more scarce self-loading rifles, which loads the new round by a series of complex mechanisms.

A good way of getting the upper hand on your opponents when using a bolt rifle using the iron sights often, keep your enemies longer away and expect where they will come. If you keep this in mind and fire accurately at the torso you will often best your opponents, even if they have a superior weapon.

Another tactic is letting the enemies get into your sights for you, often used by all classes. By keeping a minimal field of view and only letting your front being visible, you know if your opponent can see you can see him. Thereby reducing the advantage to skill and reflexes, using a bolt here you can kill the opponent with one quick shot. But if you mess up you may be shot, so keeping in mind if you miss -hiding for a few seconds until he loses attention may be a good option.