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Multiplayer Campaign Mode is an all new paradigm in multiplayer FPS games – more than just a game type, it ties the game types and individual matches together into a campaign that can last hours. This gives the multiplayer game more depth than ever before – individual matches now matter for the overall victory or loss in the MP campaign. Both sides battle it out to control territories on a large scale battle map, voting on which territories to attack, whether to attempt to take more territory, or to defend and try to grind down the enemies resources. We like to say it is like a “meta” game of Risk. This mode was released with both a Stalingrad and Pacific theater campaign.

Stalingrad Theater

Stalingrad Theater CampMap.png

Pacific Theater

Pacific Theater CampMap.png

How It Works

Start Of The Game

At the start (or restart) of a Multiplayer Campaign game, the starting attacking and defending sides are chosen randomly.

If your team is the attacking team you will see this message: "Select an enemy territory to attack!"

Vote To Attack.png

If your team is the defending team you will see this message: "The enemy is selecting a territory, please wait..."

Campaign Defend.png

Once the attacking team has been set, the team will vote for which territory (held by the other team) they want to attack.

Maps Available.png

Valid locations for the attackers to choose are those that share a border with a territory that the attackers own. The territory with the most attacking votes will be selected and the game will begin. If the campaign has been set up so that there are multiple maps within a territory, the attackers will then have a chance to select which map within that territory they want to attack (once again based on which has the most votes).

How To Win

Combat Power

There are two ways to win a campaign game. The first is to conquer every territory on the campaign map. The second is to have your enemy expend all of their combat power. Combat Power is the item which teams will spend while playing the game. Both teams start with (a server set) equal amount of combat power. The more starting combat power there is, the longer a campaign can potentially run, the less there is, the more likely it will end quickly.

On the Campaign Map there are four main sections that will allow you to determine how the game is progressing. The total combat power you have is listed at the top left under Combat Power. The section under that, Combat Cost, will specify how much combat power your actions will cost. It is more costly to attack than to defend. The third section, War Machine, summarizes how many territories your team holds. This is important as each territory your team holds will regenerate combat power for your team each turn (ie: after a map has been played). The final section, Enemy Combat Power, will show you how much combat power the other team has remaining.

Territory Victory

Territory Defeat

Campaign End

Set Up