RO2 Elite Rifleman

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The building block of the team is the Rifleman, consisting often of half of the team's units. In addition, in RO2 each team can feature a limited number of Elite Riflemen who may chose to equip the German G 41(W) and the Russian SVT-40 semi-automatic rifles. In realism and action modes you can unlock the opposing side's semi-automatic rifle after veteran rank is attained.


As the Second World War progressed semi-automatic battle rifles became more common place with the advantage that the soldier did not have to cycle the bolt on his rifle to chamber the next round manually - dramatically increasing rate of fire, and often magazine size. The trade off for these advantages were a rifle that required more maintenance and care in the field and the risk that whilst the rifleman might quickly correct a missed shot, he was also more likely to burn through his ammunition.


In-game the Elite rifleman has both the accuracy and stopping power of a bolt action rifleman but with an improved rate of fire, and bridges the gap between Assault and Rifleman classes. As such he has the choice of pushing forward to storm or hold capture zones with Assault troops or offering accurate fire from the capture zone or flanks.


The Elite rifleman can learn much from the tactics of both Assault and Rifleman classes and can employ a blend of both.