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ZED StatsSheet QtrFP.jpg

The Quarter Pounds are the smaller versions of the normal Fleshpounds, which have less health and slightly more vulnerable against various damage types. They appear in the Poundemonium weekly outbreak mode as a minions of King Fleshpound boss. In this gamemode they also have a chance to replace a common enemies.


Quarter Pounds have significantly less health than any other Fleshpound variants.

Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on earth
Body / Head HP (1 Player) 562/487 750/650 825/682 900/715
Body / Head HP (2 Player) 674/560 900/747 990/784 1080/822
Body / Head HP (3 Player) 786/633 1050/845 1155/886 1260/929
Body / Head HP (4 Player) 899/706 1200/942 1320/988 1440/1036
Body / Head HP (5 Player) 1011/779 1350/1040 1485/1091 1620/1144
Body / Head HP (6 Player) 1124/852 1500/1137 1650/1193 1800/1251


Quarter Pounds have 2 weak spots, which are the head and the glowing plate on their chest. Their arm grinders deflect attacks.

Damage Multiplier
Head x1.1
Chest Plate x1.1
Arm Grinders x0.2
All other x1


Quarter Pounds are resistant to nearly all forms of the damage, however in a lesser amount than normal Fleshpounds. Quarter Pounds are neutral to Microwave and Explosive damage types.

Piercing Slashing Bludgeon Toxic Fire Microwave Explosives
Damage Multipler x0.75 x0.62 x0.62 x0.31 x0.37 x1 x1
Sub-machine Gun Assault Rifle Shotgun Handgun Rifle
Damage Multiplier x0.62 x0.62 x0.75 x0.75 x0.75

Incapacitation Resistance

MiniFleshpound afflictions.png


Quater Pounds using same set of attacks as a normal Fleshpound, however they do less base damage - 49 opposite to 55.

MiniFleshpound attacks.png


Quarter Pounds are notably fast ZEDs capable of catching the players when both walks. Unlike other Fleshpound variants, Quater Pounds do not cover their heads with the gauntlets when sprint. In fact they do not have metallic spikes on their hands at all.

Walking speed, per difficulty, random, between (405 - 495) x (0.87 / 1 / 1 / 1.05).
Sprint speed, per difficulty, random, between (585 - 715) x (0.87 / 1 / 1 / 1.05).