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All information has been verified with update 1040

“The Patriarch. This is the Big One. Chain-gun. Rockets. And vicious up close, too!”

– Loading screen hint

The Patriarch is the boss, and the final challenge for beating a map. He can cloak like the stalker, charge like the gorefast, and has a machine gun and rocket launcher in addition to his powerful melee attacks. Upon seeing a pipe bomb, he may choose to shoot a rocket at it, causing it to detonate. He uses rockets to destroy doors.

In close range he will use melee attacks, and when surrounded by several players may use an |AoE attack to hit multiple players.

When worn down sufficiently, he will cloak and run away in order to use one of his three medical syringes to heal himself. He will do this twice more, if he is not killed before then.


See the specimen modifiers page for explanations of each field, as well as calculating for multiple players.

Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on earth
Bounty £1000 £500 £425 £325 £325
Health 2000 4000 5400 6200 7000
Damage (melee) 22 75 93 112 131
Speed 114 120 138 146 156
Range ?
* Head health


  • Don't place your pipe bombs in open view; instead put them around corners or just behind closed (but not welded) doors.

Event-themed versions

Evil Santa

Evil Santa is a character that appears as the main boss during the Twisted Christmas events. He makes his return for Twisted Christmas 2012.