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The Model 1895 Nagant revolver, while already an aging service pistol at the time of World War Two, had not yet fully been phased out by the start of Operation Barbarossa. Consequently, this double-action sidearm served prominently during the opening years of the war before becoming increasingly relegated to rear-area use. The Nagant revolver holds seven 7.62 X 38mmR cartridges in its cylinder. One common criticism of the weapon was the use of a loading gate and ejector rod, which necessitated ejection and loading of each round singly in a lengthly, time-consuming process. The Nagant's simple mechanisms and action, however, did make it extremely reliable, even for a revolver. The Nagant's trigger pull is also notable for requiring significant force. By the start of the war, the overwhelming majority of M1895 Nagants serving in the Red Army were double-action variants, which somewhat improved combat utility. Soldiers reported various things about the weapon's stopping power, with some lauding the round for its wounding potential and others complaining that it lacked sufficient punch due to the pistol's low muzzle velocity.

The M1895 Nagant is also unique in that cocking the weapon engages the cylinder, moving it forward to make a complete seal between it and the barrel. This design, which removes the need for a fired bullet to jump a small gap between the cylinder and the barrel, allows the revolver to make use of a silencer. Silenced examples were manufactured for reconaissance patrols, special forces units, and espionage agents, with the silencer known as the "Bramit device."

In-game, the M1895 Nagant is available as a secondary weapon to Elite Riflemen, Marksmen, Commanders, Squad Leaders, Machine Gunners, Anti-Tank Soldiers, and (in relaxed realism modes) to any other class. While respectably accurate even at slightly longer ranges, the weapon generally requires at least two hits to reliably down an enemy. The lengthly reload time is also a drawback. The silencer is unlocked at Level 25, and indeed changes the sound of the weapon firing.