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Killing Floor item
General Information
Perk Field Medic
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Can sell/buy No
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Weapon Information
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Damage 20 (heals)
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Values listed in brackets are for alternate (secondary) fire.

“While you can use your medical syringe to heal your own wounds, it is far more effective when used on a team-mate.”

– Loading screen hint

The medical syringe (or just syringe) is the standard healing tool that a player spawns with. Primary fire is used to heal other players, while alternate fire is used to heal yourself.

Healing yourself restores 20 HP (50 HP in solo mode) but consumes 100% of the charge. However, healing another player restores the same amount but consumes only 50% charge, and it is therefore recommended that players heal each other rather than themselves.

A quick heal action is available which instantly pulls out the syringe and heals oneself (default: Q).


  • Always prefer to heal others before yourself. This consumes half the charge, allowing you to heal others at twice the rate that you could heal yourself.
  • Consider using this in tandem with other healing tools (the MP7M's healing dart attachment, for example) for a faster healing rate, since they have separate healing charges.