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Historical Context

Issued by the Wehrmacht and most major German military organizations to ground troops, naval infantry, paratroopers, and military policemen alike, the Maschinenpistole 40 was an open-bolt submachine gun most often seen on the frontlines of the Second World War in the hands of assault troops and noncomissioned officers.


Firing at 500 rounds per minute, it was effective out to 150m. In-game,the iron sights can be adjusted to 100m and 200m. The MP 40 was well liked by its troops, generally reliable, highly controllable in full automatic fire, and accurate. The weapon does not feature a selector switch--fully automatic fire is the only option. The MP 40 fires the 9 x 19mm Parabellum round, better known today as "9mm Luger". This cartridge is still used today in many modern handgun and submachine gun designs for its good stopping power, with the invention of high-capacity 9mm automatic pistols during the second part of the 20th century further adding to its popularity. An experimental version of the MP 40, designated the MP 40/II, is featured in-game, unlocked at weapon proficiency level 25. Designed to directly counter the Soviet PPSh-41's firepower and magazine capacity, the MP 40/II features a widened magazine well with room for two side-by-side 32-round magazines. When one magazine was exhausted, the operator could quickly switch to the second, with only a brief pause in firing. While sound in concept, the MP 40/II was plagued by reliability issues, and those who tested it found it unwieldy and forward-heavy. One benefit of the MP 40/II, which is reflected in-game, is that the dual magazine design results in additional weight, making an already controllable weapon even easier to handle when fired in long bursts.


In-game, the MP 40 is highly controllable, suitable and effective both in close-quarters combat and at medium range. In close quarters, however, its lower rate of fire makes the weapon less desirable in certain circumstances when facing the PPSh-41. The MP 40 is used by Squad Leaders, Commanders, Engineers, and Assault Troopers.