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There are many variants of the MG 34 machine gun in the game. The light machine gun variant is issued to the Axis "Machine Gunner" class with a bipod and uses a 50-round belt contained within a detachable drum. A 75-round double drum magazine and 75-round belt (historically inaccurate as these configurations were not used in Stalingrad nor carried by infantry as small arms) can be unlocked in multiplayer mode. It's also available as a heavy machine gun mounted on a lafette tripod as a stationary weapon. The gun is also mounted coaxially and in the hull of the Panzer IV tank. The gun can be fired in single shot mode except for the coaxially mounted variant. For the LMG variant, it has to be either deployed or the player prone before the ironsights can be used; although it can be fired from the hip (at reduced accuracy), ammo checked and reloaded whilst undeployed, as with the PTRS-41. The LMG variant's barrel overheats quickly if fired fully automatic at a constant rate and the barrel will burst if used this way for too long. The player must replace the barrel when this happens or the gun will not fire. The HMG version does not overheat, despite its only distinction from the LMG being a tripod mounting and longer belt feed.