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All information has been verified with update 1043
Killing Floor item
M7A3 Medic Gun
Trader M7A3.png
Alt-fire fires a healing dart
General Information
Perk Field Medic
Cost £7500
Weight 6
Can sell/buy Yes
- -
Weapon Information
Ammo cost (Magazine) £10
Ammo capacity 300 (N/A)
Magazine capacity 15
Damage 70 (20)
Impact damage {{{ImpactDamage}}}
Radius {{{Radius}}}
Head multiplier 110%
Pellets {{{Pellets}}}
Spread 0.01
Penetration {{{Penetration}}}
Rate of fire 0.17 (0.50)
Reload time 3.07
Regen rate {{{RegenRate}}}
Attachments {{{AddOns}}}

Values listed in brackets are for alternate (secondary) fire.

The M7A3 Medic Gun (or M7A3M) is an assault rifle with a healing dart attachment. It provides the field medic with a primary offensive weapon with healing capabilities.

Like the MP7M it restores 20 health, however it does much more damage than other medic guns.


  • Consider using this in tandem with other healing tools (the syringe, or another medic gun) for a faster healing rate, since they have separate healing charges.
  • Due to its power, this gun makes a very useful primary weapon if it can be afforded.