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Killing Floor 2 is the upcoming sequel to Killing Floor. The game follows the events of the original and takes place in continental Europe.
The game is currently in closed beta and is scheduled for early access on April 21st 2015 on Steam.

The series main game mode - now aptly named "Survival" - will return. It still consists of up to six players trying to survive waves of zeds with the goal of completing all the waves.
However, many details have changed without touching the popular forumla whose high quality execution made the game stand out among its peers in the first place:
- Graphics, hitboxes, and sounds have been improved, and lightning may now play a significant role in choosing your battlefield, as many light sources underground are classified destructible.
- A huge variety of weapons will be available without 'hard' class restrictions.
- Class progression will be less tedious and offer options for customization.
- Choosing a difficulty will not primarily rely on changing the damage and hit point values of the zeds. Instead, the zeds will become increasingly dangerous with changes in behaviour and new attack variations.
- And more...

The early access versions is said to already include a level editor, the release will offer full mod support. Anybody is free to host a Killing Floor 2 dedicated server. The instructions for that can be found here.

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Gameplay information

Specimens  — Comprehensive guide to all specimens found in the vanilla game
Weapons  — Index of all available weapons
Perks  — List of perks and what their benefits are
Characters  — All human characters (playable or otherwise)
Strategy  — General strategy guide
Maps  — List of official maps
Achievements  — List of achievements
Events  — List of all events (Christmas, Halloween, etc.)
Updates  — List of all major updates

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Killing Floor 2 SDK Tutorials

Navigation  — Guide to setting up navigation in custom maps
Doors  — Guide to setting up doors in custom maps
Traders  — Guide to setting up traders in custom maps
Spawns  — Guide to setting up player and zed spawns in custom maps
Pickups  — Guide to setting up pickups in custom maps
World Info  — Guide to setting up world info for custom maps