Killing Floor:Known Issues & Bugs

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ZombieVolume bTryAllSpawns bug (version 1039)

ZombieVolume, line 149:

if( bTryAllSpawns )
	// Try spawning in all the points
	NumTries = SpawnPos.Length;
	// Try spawning 3 times in 3 dif points.
	NumTries = 3;

for( j=0; j<NumTries; j++ )
	TrySpawnPoint = SpawnPos[Rand(SpawnPos.Length)];

This code picks from a random spawn point each time, but doesn't exclude already-tried ones. It means it may waste attempts, and the 'bTryAllSpawns' flag will not work.

MK23Fire, Magnum44Fire Penetration loop bug (version 1039)

MK23Fire, line 41:

While( (HitCount++)<3 )
	DamageActor = none;

	Other = Instigator.HitPointTrace(HitLocation, HitNormal, End, HitPoints, Start,, 1);
	if( Other==None )

MK23Fire: line 104:

if( (HCounter++)>=4 || Pawn(DamageActor)==None )

These are both from the penetration loop, and provide conflicting conditions for breaking from the loop. Logically the former block should be checking for a value of 10 (as with DeagleFire.uc), allowing the second block to correctly control the amount of penetrations itself.