Killing Floor:Known Issues & Bugs

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ZombieVolume bTryAllSpawns bug (version 1040)

This code picks from a random spawn point each time, but doesn't exclude already-tried ones. It means it may waste attempts, and the 'bTryAllSpawns' flag will not work.

MK23Fire, Magnum44Fire Penetration loop bug (version 1040)

MK23Fire, line 41:

MK23Fire: line 104:

These are both from the penetration loop, and provide conflicting conditions for breaking from the loop. Logically the former block should be checking for a value of 10 (as with DeagleFire.uc), allowing the second block to correctly control the amount of penetrations itself.

DualMK23Pickup AmmoCost bug (version 1040)

AmmoCost is the same as for the single version (£16), which is incorrect. It should be double, like all the other dual pistols.