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Level 65 honor icon.


Honor is experience gained by the player throughout their career. It can be accessed through the profile stats link in the in-game menu, along with other player statistics. The maximum honor level is currently 99 and certain levels of honor are required for leveling up different classes.

Gaining Honor

Honor is gained during a match while playing and totaled from kill points and team points. At the end of the map, when either the Axis or Allied side is declared the victor, honor is saved permanently. Extra team points can be earned by performing specific tasks.

  • Protecting a commander or Squad Leader by killing nearby enemies.
  • Killing opponents from the current objective zone.
  • Killing opponents who are in the current objective zone.

Class Progression

Honor is required to unlock higher levels of the different classes in Red Orchestra 2. Each class starts at level 1.

Level 2 10 Honor
Level 3 30 Honor
Level 4 60 Honor
Level 5 80 Honor


Honor itself does not provide any benefit to the player, but honor does allow for unlocking higher levels of different classes which give small bonuses to the player.

Each class gives bonuses to

  • Stamina amount
  • Movement speed
  • Suppression resistance
  • Weapon focus
  • Stamina resistance
  • Ammo distribution