Firebug (Killing Floor 2)

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Perk Overview

The Firebug perk in Killing Floor 2 specializes in fire-based weapons. They spawn with a Bowie Knife, Caulk N Burn, 9mm Pistol and their grenade is a Molotov. This perk gains experience by dealing damage with Firebug weapons and receives bonus experience for killing crawlers with Perk weapons.

Weapon List

Weapon Name Icon
9mm Pistol
Molotov [[File:]]
Caulk N Burn [[File:]]
Incendiary Trench Gun [[File:]]

Bonus Experience

The Gunslinger is awarded bonus experience for killing Crawlers with Perk weapons.

Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on Earth
Bonus experience ? ? ? ?

Perk Stats

This table represents the passive stat bonuses the Firebug receives at level 0 (base stats) and the bonuses they receive each time they level up.

Base Stats Stats Per Level
0% Perk Weapon Damage
0% Perk weapon reload
30% Resist Zed fire damage
25% Immunity to your own fire
5% Starting ammo
+1% Perk Weapon Damage
+1% Perk weapon reload
+2% Resist Zed fire damage
+3% Immunity to your own fire
5/level Starting ammo

Perk Talents

This table represents the active abilities the Firebug has access to. You have the option of choosing one per tier.

Level Icon Description
Level 5 [[File:]] Fully Stocked: What it says on the can: Firebug weapons start at maximum ammo capacity at the trader.
[[File:]] Flaratov Cocktail: Its in the name. Shove a flare in your Molotov Cocktail - you get a Flare that lights up the environment for 30 seconds AND your flame burns for twice as long.
Level 10 [[File:]] Rack 'em Up: Rack up the headshots: each consecutive headshot increases damage by 10% up to 70% with Gunslinger weapons.
[[File:]] Bone Breaker: Don't just collect them, break them too: do 20% more damage with Gunslinger weapons.
Level 15 [[File:]] Speed-loader: Cooler, quicker, deadlier: reload 20% faster with Gunslinger weapons AND look more elite while you're at it.
[[File:]] Penetration: Line 'em up and knock 'em down: penetrate an extra Zed with every shot.
Level 20 [[File:]] Center Mass: If you aim for the center of mas... shots to the chest have 30% more stumble power.
[[File:]] Leg Shots: Or shoot them in the legs... shots to the legs have 30% more knockdown power when the zed is sprinting.
Level 25 [[File:]] Zed Time - Fanfire: Fanfire with fanfare: shoot 3x faster with Gunslinger weapons in Zed time.
[[File:]] Zed Time - Uber Ammo: Uber it up: you can't run out of ammo with Gunslinger weapons during Zed time