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Killing Floor item
Trader Chainsaw.png
Alt-fire swings for a more powerful attack
General Information
Perk Berserker
Cost £1000
Weight 8
Can sell/buy Yes
- -
Weapon Information
Ammo cost ({{{AmmoBuyAmount}}}) £{{{AmmoCost}}}
Ammo capacity {{{Capacity}}}
Magazine capacity {{{Magazine}}}
Damage 14-19 (270)
Impact damage {{{ImpactDamage}}}
Radius {{{Radius}}}
Head multiplier {{{HeadMul}}}
Pellets {{{Pellets}}}
Spread {{{Spread}}}
Penetration {{{Penetration}}}
Rate of fire 0.10 (1.10)
Reload time {{{ReloadTime}}}
Regen rate {{{RegenRate}}}
Attachments {{{AddOns}}}

Values listed in brackets are for alternate (secondary) fire.

The chainsaw is a versatile, high-power melee weapon with good damage and a high rate of fire.

Primary fire attacks by cutting with the saw, 19 points of damage every 0.10 seconds (10 times a second), and can be very effective when used in crowds of enemies. Secondary fire swings the chainsaw for high damage, about that of the axe but a little faster.

As with all melee weapons it has the ability to back-stab for double damage, to which the head multiplier is then applied.


  • When dealing with crowds make sure to aim for the head, and when that head pops off go for the next head. On harder difficulties you may have headless specimens damaging you however, so be careful.