Buzzsaw Bow

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All information has been verified with update 1040
Killing Floor item
Buzzsaw Bow
Trader Cheetah.png
Bounces off surfaces
General Information
Perk Berserker
Cost £2500
Weight 7
Can sell/buy Yes
- -
Weapon Information
Ammo cost (1 blade) £20
Ammo capacity 16
Magazine capacity {{{Magazine}}}
Damage 500
Impact damage {{{ImpactDamage}}}
Radius {{{Radius}}}
Head multiplier {{{HeadMul}}}
Pellets {{{Pellets}}}
Spread 0.10
Penetration Unlimited : 0.75
Rate of fire 2.0
Reload time {{{ReloadTime}}}
Regen rate {{{RegenRate}}}
Attachments {{{AddOns}}}

Values listed in brackets are for alternate (secondary) fire.

The buzzsaw bow is a crossbow that fires buzzsaw blades. These blades can bounce of walls several times before stopping.

This weapon is part of the community weapon pack #1.


  • Try to line up enemies to take advantage of the penetration.