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Red Orchestra 2 Map
A Remake of the classic RO map Danzig
Map Type Infantry
Creator Tripwire
Version Final
Game Modes CD,FF,TE
RO Ost Remake Danizg
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Date: 6th October 1942

Location: Apartment block in the Upper Settlement of the Tractor Factory

German unit: 389.Inf.Div, LI Armee Korps

Soviet Unit: 114 Guards Rifle Regiment, 37 Guards Rifle Division

Background: As 6th Army worked to clear the approaches to the factories, the tanks of 24.Pz.Div. had stalled as they entered the more built-up sections of the city, so 389.Inf.Div. fed past on their left to start clearing out the well-built apartment blocks. Once again, Soviet resistance hardened in front of the Germans.

Situation: 389.Inf.Div. moved in to start clearing out the next modern apartment block, heavily-built 2-storey buildings, with the complex straddling the Zhitomirsk Balka (Gully). The Guardsmen of 114 Guards Rifle Regiment were paratroopers, converted to ground infantry, highly motivated, elite troops. They had little time to prepare the defenses, but they were prepared to make the Germans pay.

Real life end result: It took the Germans 4-5 days of hard fighting to clear the area and consolidate the gains against the highly-decorated Guardsmen, who would go on to further frustrate the Germans.

Notes: As a shocker to most people, the area does actually exist, even today. The map started life as a "port forward" of the old RO1 favorite map - "Danzig". By chance, aerial recon photos showed an area that almost exactly mirrored the layout of the original map, just mirrored. Much to everyone's surprise, the apartments were rebuilt and most of them are still there today, along Opolchenskaya ul. At the time of the battle, there was actually a gully through there - just no bridges (as far as aerial recon photos show)!


16 Player

Objective A:

Objective B:

Objective C:

32 and 64 Player


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