Weapons (Killing Floor)

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Herein follows a comprehensive list of all official weapons for Killing Floor:


Here is a full list of weapon class names, along with their accompanying pickup names. They all belong to the KFMod package:

Name Weapon class Pickup class
MP7M Medic Gun MP7MMedicGun MP7MPickup
MP5M Medic Gun MP5MMedicGun MP5MPickup
M7A3 Medic Gun M7A3MMedicGun M7A3MPickup
Schneidzekk Medic Gun KrissMMedicGun KrissMPickup
Shotgun Shotgun ShotgunPickup
HSG-1 Shotgun KSGShotgun KSGPickup
Hunting Shotgun BoomStick BoomStickPickup
Combat Shotgun BenelliShotgun BenelliPickup
Gold Combat Shotgun GoldenBenelliShotgun Golden BenelliPickup
AA12 Shotgun AA12AutoShotgun AA12Pickup
Vlad the Impaler NailGun NailGunPickup
9mm Pistol Single SinglePickup
Dual 9mms Dualies DualiesPickup
MK23 MK23Pistol MK23Pickup
DualMK23 DualMK23Pistol DualMK23Pickup
44 Magnum Magnum44Pistol Magnum44Pickup
Dual 44 Magnums Dual44Magnum Dual44MagnumPickup
Handcannon Deagle DeaglePickup
Dual Handcannons DualDeagle DualDeaglePickup
Lever Action Rifle Winchester WinchesterPickup
Crossbow Crossbow CrossbowPickup
M14EBR M14EBRBattleRifle M14EBRPickup
M99 AMR M99SniperRifle M99Pickup
Bullpup Bullpup BullpupPickup
AK47 AK47AssaultRifle AK47Pickup
Gold AK47 GoldenAK47AssaultRifle GoldenAK47pickup
MKb42 MKb42AssaultRifle MKb42Pickup
M4 M4AssaultRifle M4Pickup
SCARMK17 SCARMK17AssaultRifle SCARMK17Pickup
Tommy Gun ThompsonSMG ThompsonPickup
Knife knife KnifePickup
Machete Machete MachetePickup
Axe Axe AxePickup
Chainsaw Chainsaw ChainsawPickup
Katana Katana KatanaPickup
Gold Katana GoldenKatana GoldenKatanaPickup
Dwarfs!? Axe DwarfAxe DwarfAxePickup
Claymore Sword ClaymoreSword ClaymoreSwordPickup
Buzzsaw Bow Crossbuzzsaw CrossbuzzsawPickup
Scythe Scythe ScythePickup
FlameThrower FlameThrower FlameThrowerPickup
Trenchgun TrenchGun TrenchgunPickup
Flare Revolver FlareRevolver FlareRevolverPickup
Dual Flare Revolvers DualFlareRevolver DualFlareRevolverPickup
MAC-10 MAC10MP MAC10Pickup
Husk Fireball Launcher Huskgun HuskGunPickup
Pipe Bomb PipeBombExplosive PipeBombPickup
M79 Grenade Launcher M79GrenadeLauncher M79Pickup
Gold M79 Grenade Launcher GoldenM79GrenadeLauncher GoldenM79Pickup
M32 Grenade Launcher M32GrenadeLauncher M32Pickup
M4 203 M4203AssaultRifle M4203Pickup
Zed Eradication Device ZEDGun ZEDGunPickup