Update 1056 (Killing Floor)

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8, November, 2013

These are all the changes from version 1054 to version 1056 (including changes for version 1055).

If you are interested in the exact changes, see the SVN changelist.



  • Fixed bug that prevented dual pistols from being purchased when weight is almost maxed
  • Fixed inability to pick-up second set of duals
  • Modified Handcannon weight
  • Favorited weapons are now shared between wave and objective modes
  • Made Demo's initial pipe bombs sell for 0


  • Fixed Steam overlay not appearing after clicking on DLC content more than once
  • Spectators no longer acquire achievements for completing maps
  • Departed - Fixed trader not working correctly
  • FrightYard - Fixed exploit locations and other collision refinements
  • Fixed for trigger lights when playing on DirectX

Balance (from previous patch)

  • Modified the Medic Perk weapon discounts to be more in line with the other perks, and adjusted the Medic Weapon prices accordingly
  • Tweaked the Medic Perk discount text
  • Balanced the Demo weapon pricing
    • M4203 is now cheaper and M32 is now more expensive