Update 1055 (Killing Floor)

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31, October, 2013

These are all the changes from version 1054 to version 1055.

If you are interested in the exact changes, see the SVN changelist. Note: The changes shown include changes in update 1056.



  • Fixed achievement unlock issues for 'Single-Load Doom Bombardier' and 'Claw Master'
  • Fixed weapon favorite-ing not working when connected to a dedicated server
  • Changed DLC icon on the main menu to 'Us vs. Them' to match the steam overlay
  • Server Browser should now sort by ping by default


  • Fixed players getting trapped in trader room
  • Fixed several blocking volume exploits
  • Minor tweaks and improvements


  • Added the cheat 'KillZed' back in


  • 'KFO' maps now forcibly load the correct GameInfo. This means it's no longer required to change the ?game= commandline. Also, it's now possible to map cycle between KFO and standard KF maps.

Known issues

  • The favorites list is different between KFO and KF maps. This will likely be addressed in the event rollback.