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Red Orchestra 2 Map
German assault on rural village on the outskirts of Stalingrad
Map Type Infantry
Creator Tripwire
Version Final
Game Modes CD,FF,TE
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Date: 31st August 1942

Location: village on the outskirts of Spartanovka, to the north of the Tractor Factory

German unit: 16 Pz Div, XIV Pz.Korps

Soviet Unit: 124 Rifle Brigade, 62nd Army

Background: as the German XIV Panzer Korps punches through to the Volga at Rynok, 16 Pz.Div. has the task of expanding the corridor, pushing south into the small town of Spartanovka, almost within sight of the Tractor Factory, at the very north end of Stalingrad itself.

Situation: 16 Pz.Div. is part of the very rapid drive through to the Volga, north of Stalingrad. Resistance suddenly crumbled in front of XIV Pz.Korps a few days earlier and they are within sight of the city – tired, but elated, morale high, on full charge. 124 Rifle Brigade is a fresh unit, has seen very little combat. Having been shunted in help hold the line north of the city, they haven’t had more than a few hours to organize a defence before being hit by the hard-driving 16.Pz.Div.

Real life end result: XIV Pz.Korps were actually (typically of the Germans) over-stretched and over-reaching. They got to the river, but stalled against the vicious and stubborn defensive line forming north of the city. They were briefly cut off by desperate Soviet counter-attacks, but the rest of 6th Army caught up in time to break through to them again and avoid a major embarrassment.

Notes: The village does indeed exist and this is a genuine action. However, there was almost no photo research material available, apart from aerial recon photography and maps.



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