Red Orchestra 2 Setting Up Cover

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Setting up cover

Placing an ROCoverLink will give you a sprite icon and a red box with an arrow.

The red box is called a coverlink. You can move the coverlink independently of the sprite itself. You can rotate and translate the cover to fit it as you need. Middle-mouse clicking will auto-adjust the coverlink to the nearest surface. Coverlinks can be duplicated multiple times within the same ROCoverLink itself. Right-clicking a coverlink will bring up a quick-menu that will allow you edit the properties of that coverlink.

When placing the coverlink it needs to be flush with the top of the cover object and on the sides. Coverlinks should be placed at the sides of cover, and if there's enough space, in between as well. Too many coverlinks can be bad. If a wall is 512 units wide, there should be one at each end for leaning and 2 or 3 for in between. Essentially there should be 1 or 2 coverlinks per 128 units.

Auto-adjust can be turned off by unchecking bAutoAdjust in the ROCoverLinks properties.

Cover Heights

Cover heights need to be exact, otherwise there could be issues with gameplay.

  • Waistheight cover is 48 units.
  • Midlevel cover is 64 units.
  • Standing cover will always stand at anything over 64 units. Make sure standing cover is at least 96 units.

Mantle and Climb Up

RO:HOS supports mantling and the ability to climb up objectives. Mantle allows the player to go over an object whereas climb up will allow the player to get on top of the object. These two mantle abilities only work on waist high and midlevel cover. Currently AI does not support the ability to mantle or climb up.


Mantling cannot be set up manually through the coverlinks properties. There needs to be a coverlink directly on the opposite side of the coverlink in order for them to properly connect. If your coverlinks are properly placed then mantle arrows will appear over the slots. If nothing appears then either your coverlinks are properly aligned or the space between them is too long. If you're try to set up mantling for windows and it doesn't work - it may be that the window is too short.

Climb Up

Climb up must be set by right-clicking on the coverlink and clicking on Climb Up. Climb up does not automatically work like mantling does. Rebuilding paths/cover will allow the stair like arrow to come up over the coverlink.