Red October Factory

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Red Orchestra 2 Map
Red October Factory
Russian counter attack to take back the factory
Map Type CombinedArms
Creator Tripwire
Version Final
Game Modes CD,TE
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Date: 21st November 1942

Location: Red October Factory

German unit: 24.Pz.Div., LI Armee Korps

Soviet Unit: 112 Guards Rifle Regiment, 39 Guards Rifle Division

Background: Unaware of the disaster looming behind them, the PanzerGrenadiers of 24.Pz.Div. make yet another attempt to break through the resistance at the Red October factory, where 39 Guards have been hanging on grimly for weeks. The factory has been bombed and shelled into ruins, making the assaults a nightmare, made even worse by the onset of winter.

Situation: The PanzerGrenadiers of 24.Pz.Div. are required to push forward again, supported by the last few mobile tanks of the division. Holding the ruins are the men of 39 Guards Rifle Division – another unit created from elite airborne units.

Real life end result: The fighting in the Red October plant ground down to a stalemate, the Germans never able to push through to the river.

Notes: The map layout was taken directly from a Russian plan of the factory area, even down to the building names. However, there was almost no available ground-level photography of the plant itself, so the detail had to be taken from other steel plants!



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