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Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad features a robust multiplayer with many options for players and admins. This allows admins to configure their servers with a wide number of settings and gives players choice in how they want to play the game. Featuring maps with multiple game types and three distinct modes to play them in, players will be able to find which modes fit their taste. Admins can further change settings to change variables and turn off features or bring over features from another mode.

Game Types

Maps in Red Orchestra 2 feature two if not three distinct game types. The game types are:


In this game type, one side will start attacking, the other defending. There are multiple Objectives, to be attacked/defended in sequence - but both teams only get one life per Objective and there is a 3 minute time limit in which the attackers have to take the Objective. If the attackers kill all the defenders, or capture the Objective, within the time limit, all players respawn and the fight shifts to the next Objective on the map. If all the attackers are killed, or the time runs out on any Objective, the defenders win; if the attackers take the final Objective, they win. In either case, the attackers and defenders swap places - and the side that defended first now has to try and do better. This includes capping more objections then the previous attacking team, or just capping the same amount faster. To give the attacking side a better chance, their attacking Commander has 2 (and only 2) reinforcement waves he can use, forcing a respawn wave, so long as the Objective timer hasn't run out. These need to be used very carefully.


This game type is the simplest in Red Orchestra 2 - the objective is to kill more of the enemy than they can kill of the players own team. There are no Objectives to attack/defend - just find enemy soldiers and kill them, before they kill you. Players will respawn close to other soldiers on your team automatically, in a "safe" location, but there is also a chance to spawn in a random location as well.


In this game type, players are attempting to attack or defend specific Objectives. Your Overhead Map or Tactical View will show you where the active Objectives are. Killing the enemy certainly helps, but the key is to pick an Objective to attack or defend as necessary. Players will respawn in waves, unless the Commander uses his "Force Respawn" option. Depending on the map, players will be able to choose between multiple spawn location to respawn at including the Squad Leader.

All maps shipped with Red Orchestra 2 include both the Territory and Countdown game types. Currently five of the eleven shipped maps also include firefight.

Multiplayer Campaign

Realism Level

Game Type


There are multiple opportunities for you to score points. The most obvious way to score points is to kill enemies - or to assist, by wounding them. But there are additional, team-oriented, points as well - for capturing/defending Objectives, resupplying machine-gunners and so on. Points scored are shown in the HUD, as well as in the After Action Report at the end of a match. All your points scored go towards increasing your Honor; kill points count towards Weapon XP and all points count towards your Class XP. The scoreboard is also available at any time during a match.

Players are awarded points as follows:

Action Points Action Points
Kill an enemy 1 Kill a teammate -1
Protect your Commander/Squad Leader 2 Wound a teammate -1
Kill an enemy from an objective 3 Suicide -1
Kill an enemy in an objective 3
Resupply a machine gunner 5
Destroy an obstacle 5
Capture an objective 10 *
Destroy an objective 10
* Bonus points are assigned when capturing an objective. 1 point for each teammate that was in the objective at the time of capture