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Map Prefix



This game type does not feature spawning


  • One life per objective
  • 2 rounds in a match
  • Team swap after one round (attackers become the defenders/defenders become the attackers)
  • Attacking team has two (2) reinforcements that the Commander can trigger in a round


The outcome of a Countdown match is decided based on the team score.


This mode is scored based on how far both teams went as the attackers. If a map has 4 objectives (labeled A, B, C and D), if the first attacking team only reached objective B and the second attacking team reached objective C, the second attacking team would win the match. If however both teams reached only objective C (or if both completed objective D), the team to do so in the least amount of time would win the match.


Individual scoring has no effect on the outcome of the match except in the rare case that both teams have an objective count and time. In this case, the team score (which is a combination of all individual scores) will be used as a tie breaker.

For more details on individual scores see Scoring