Pavlovs House

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Red Orchestra 2 Map
Pavlov's House
A brutal attack/attack map focused around Pavlov's House
Map Type CombinedArms
Creator Tripwire
Version Final
Game Modes CD,TE
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Date: 14th October 1942

Location: 9th January Square

German unit: 295.Inf.Div, LI Armee Korps

Soviet Unit: 3/42Guards Rifle Regiment, 13 Guards Rifle Division

Background: Two weeks after they stormed ashore, in the night of 27th September, a small unit of 13 Guards had infiltrated an apartment block on the east side of the square. After the initial leader of the group (Lt. Afanseyev) had been wounded, Sergeant Pavlov dug his men in to hold the house against all comers.

Situation: 295.Inf.Div. now had to try and evict Pavlov’s men from another heavily-built apartment building, assaulting through the ruins to the south or across the open ground of 9th January Square itself.

Real life end result: Sergeant Pavlov actually held on to the house for nearly 60 days, into mid-November. But if the Germans could have taken it, they would have been less than 200 meters from the last river crossing still operable in the city center.

Notes: With "Dom Pavlova" being one of the most iconic locations in the battle, it was important to try and model it as correctly as possible. Not much survived the battle in the area and most of it was bulldozed prior to reconstruction. However, there was good aerial photography and a few ground-level pictures to work from. Much of the interior of the house is actually modeled on the interior of apartment blocks built around the same time in the Tractor Factory Lower Settlement.





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