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What is 'Objective Mode' ?

'Objective Mode' is the second official game mode released for Killing Floor. In contrast to 'Wave Mode' , 'Objective Mode' is a sandbox style game mode where the rules of gameplay are dictated by the level designer. As such, there are no fixed rules of play. For example : all of Tripwire's Objective Mode maps to date end with a Patriarch fight, but this is just a convention. There is nothing in the Objective Mode gametype that dictates there *has* to be a patriarch fight at the end of the map.

Objective Mode Maps

Official Maps  — List of all maps made by Tripwire which make use of Objective mode
Community Maps  — List of all known community maps which make use of Objective mode

How do I create an Objective Mode map?

Note: The below tutorials are intended for intermediate to advanced level designers who already understand the basics of using the Killing Floor editor tools.

Getting set up  — Learn how to set up your workspace and get your map ready for Objective Mode

KFObj Ico.png
Creating Objectives  — Learn how to add objectives to your map!

KF StoryBloat Ico.png
Enemy Spawning  — Learn how to make ZEDs spawn in Objective Mode

KF Dlgspot Ico.png
Adding Dialogue  — Learn how to add dialogue text and voice-overs to your map!

NPC Ico.png
Adding NPCs  — Learn how to add NPCs to your Objective Mode map

Trader Ico.png
Adding Traders  — Learn how to add Trader shops to your Objective Mode map

Adding Music  — Learn how to add music to your map.

Saving & Exporting  — Learn how to correctly save your map and prepare it for release