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Red Orchestra 2 Map
Attack/Attack map over the Gumrak Airfield on the outskirts of Stalingrad
Map Type Tank
Creator Tripwire
Version Final
Game Modes CD,TE
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Date: 20th November 1942

Location: 50 miles north-west of Stalingrad

German unit: 22.Pz.Div., Army Group Reserve

Soviet Unit: 1 Tank Corps, 5 Tank Army

Background: With the sudden launch of the Soviet Operation “Uran”, the Germans were faced with a massive attack through the Rumanian positions well to the north-west of Stalingrad, on the snowy steppe, south of Serafimovich. The only German mobile reserve in the area was 22.Pz.Div., who were called into emergency action to try and hold back the vast assault.

Situation: The armor of 22.Pz.Div. had to advance towards the sound of the guns to the north, then dig in and try and destroy the onrushing Soviet spearheads. These were fresh Soviet troops, primed, ready and fully-equipped.

Real life end result: 22.Pz.Div. struggled to actually get moving, as they were short of parts and fuel. They were hit with ever-changing situation reports and contradictory orders. As a result, they were never in one place long enough to inflict much damage on the Russian spearheads. If they had stopped for any length of time, they most likely would have been cut off and destroyed anyway. Only a few days later, the Soviet spearheads would meet at Kalach on the Don, encircling 6th Army.

Notes: The map is based on the actual layout of Gumrak airfield and the station building. However, Gumrak is actually on a few miles from the city - and the Germans had pretty much no operational tanks by the time the Soviets got there, so the action is somewhat "apocryphal"!



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