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E.D.A.R variants

The E.D.A.R (Elite Defense & Assault Robot) is an uncommon type of enemy in Killing Floor 2 and the first enemy type to be completely robotic. E.D.A.Rs come with three distinct variants - Bombers utilize shoulder-mounted rocket launchers, Blasters rapidly shoot fast moving medium damage projectiles out of the pair of blasters attached to their wrists and Trappers are unqiue for being able to catch and immobilize players for a short period of time within a certain vicinity. E.D.A.R's visual appearance is based on the playable D.A.R character.

E.D.A.R's head and torso is protected by two pieces of armor that act like a second health pool. E.D.A.R's chest core is an extremely vulnerable zone - it takes 250% more damage when shot at but causes an EMP explosion when destroyed, damaging and incapacitating nearby ZEDs and killing E.D.A.R instantly.

Every Husk OR Stalker has a chance to spawn as either of E.D.A.R variants. Chance to spawn as E.D.A.R variant: Normal - 0.08, Hard - 0.1, Suicidal - 0.15, HOE - 0.21.

Base Statistics

Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on earth
Kill Reward 17 17 17 17
XP 15 20 27 31
Health (body) 581 775 775 1007
Health (head) 262 350 350 385
Chest core 150 150 150 150

E.D.A.R dies instantly upon depleting their chest core HP, however prior to that torso armor should be destroyed first as it absorbs all the damage dealt to torso. Shooting chest core (whether it exposed or hidden under the armor) provides major damage multiplier - x3.5.

For kill reward calculations read Dosh Mechanics.


Every E.D.A.R variant wears 2 pieces of armor - on its head and chest. Each armor piece has its own health that absorbs ALL the damage dealt to respective body part. AOE attacks (e.g. fire, explosives) have their damage split across all existing armor pieces for equal parts. Much like with Rioters, E.D.A.R's spine and legs are always exposed.

Head / Torso armor Normal Hard Suicidal HOE
450 / 168 600 / 225 600 / 225 780 / 292

E.D.A.R is unique that when its head armor destroyed it does look like it has been decapitated. But in fact its head is still present on the body with the full health pool. Exposed head's hitbox is much bigger than visual neck stump. E.D.A.Rs do not bleed to death after depleting their actual head's health, however extra damage on decapitation does happen.

Upon loosing its head armor (getting decapitated visually), E.D.A.R's accuracy (aim error) factor being increased by 3 times resulting in less accurate shoots, its base time between each two ranged attacks is also increased by 2 seconds. When its chest armor destroyed, E.D.A.R become unable to sprint and dodge attacks.

On torso armor loss: cannot sprint, stop sprinting, cannot evade attacks.


Blaster (explosion damage type) Ballistic
Blaster (explosion damage) 7
Blaster (explosion falloff exponent) 1 (linear)
Blaster (explosion radius) 75
Blaster (speed) 3800
Blaster (uninterrupted laser salvo spawns up to 13 beams. Animation lasts for 3.93s).
Bomber (explosion damage type) Explosive
Bomber (explosion damage) 10
Bomber (explosion falloff exponent) 1 (linear)
Bomber (explosion radius) 300
Bomber (speed) 1800
Bomber (uninterrupted rocket salvo spawns up to 8 rockets. Animation lasts for 4.27s).
Chest core explosion (damage / radius / falloff exponent) 25 (EMP) / 500 / 0.5
Melee (base damage / range) 10 / 180
Melee (damage multipliers vs. doors) x3
Melee (damage multipliers vs. players) x1
Trapper ("windup" time lasts for 1.12s).
Trapper (damage) 10
Trapper (grapple time) 2.5s
Trapper (maximum beam length) 2500

The base damage value further modified by the difficulty-specific multipliers.

Blaster E.D.A.R's laser is technically an explosive projectile. It has radius of 75 units where it does 7 points of damage with linear falloff. It has Ballistic damage type hence countered by Gunslinger and SWAT's passive bullet resistance bonuses.

Bomber E.D.A.R's rocket attack is capable of destroying closed unwelded doors in one hit. It has Explosive damage type hence countered by Demolitionist's passive explosive resistance bonus.

Base Attack Intervals

E.D.A.R type / attack interval Normal Hard Suicidal HOE
Trapper 10s 9s 8s 7s
Blaster 7s 6s 5s 4s
Bomber 11s 10s 9s 8s

Ranged attack intervals deviated by up to -1s / +1s. Minimum attack range - 3m, maximum - 40m. For E.D.A.R Trapper: minimum attack range - 2.5m, maximum - 5.5m. Time penalty between ranged attacks, on "head" armor loss: +2 seconds.

Attack powers: Laser: Stumble power = 10. Rocket: Knockdown power = 225, Stumble power = 400.

Aim error factor - 0.03, after "head" armor loss - 0.09 (0.01 / 0.03 for E.D.A.R Blaster).

XP Notes

  • Killing with weapons other than your current perk grants the XP to the perk that weapons belongs to.
  • Damaging with on-perk weapons and then finishing it off with an off-perk weapon divides the XP and grants it to both perks.
  • Assist kills grants full XP.


Movement speed is randomized within ± 10% range and further modified by a multiplier based on difficulty.

Walking speed (per difficulty) (270 - 330) x (0.9 / 0.95 / 0.95 / 0.95) x (1 / 1 / 1.2 / 1.3)
Running speed (per difficulty) (450 - 550) x (0.9 / 0.95 / 0.95 / 0.95) x (1 / 1 / 1.2 / 1.3)
Hidden speed 600
Sprint chance Normal - 0 / Hard - 0 / Suicidal - 0.85 / HOE - 0.95
Sprint chance (when damaged) Normal - 0 / Hard - 1 / Suicidal - 1 / HOE - 1

1 unit = 1 centimeter.

For comparison, by default a healthy player character with the minimal weight walks at speed of 383 units/s, and sprints at speed of 460 units/s.

Sprint Conditions

Should sprint if can sprint OR (if can sprint when damaged AND damaged) (i.e. if sprint chance met its value) AND if distance to player laying between 5 and 50 meters (500 units < distance < 5000 units). Should sprint when frustrated. Cannot sprint after torso armor loss.

Resistances and Weaknesses

Damage Resistance

E.D.A.Rs notorious for being extremely vulnerable to Firebug's Microwave Gun and Demolitionist's explosives.

Piercing Slashing Bludgeon Toxic Fire Microwave Explosives Freeze Shells
Damage Multipler x0.85 x1.25 x1.25 x0.5 x1.5 x3.25 x2.5 x1 x1

Ballistic Resistance

E.D.A.Rs are almost completely neutral to ballistic weaponry, they most notably weak against shotguns.

Sub-machine Gun Assault Rifle Shotgun Handgun Rifle
Ballistic Multiplier x1.05 x1.05 x1.2 x1 x1


Unlike most of the other enemies in the game, E.D.A.R's most vulnerable hitzone appears to be their chest core.

E.D.A.R's chest core (area between its "chest" and "abdomen") is almost completely exposed for attacks even when it still wears its armor. However it still counts as damage to chest armor (with much greater multiplier) as long as E.D.A.R wears some of it.

Upon destroying torso armor and depleting their's chest core HP (150 points on all difficulties), E.D.A.R should explode damaging nearby ZEDs. Explosion damage = 25, Radius = 500, Falloff exponent = 0.5, Damage type = EMP, EMP power = 100.

Damage Multiplier
Head x1.001
Chest core x3.5
All other x1

Chest core is exposed with or without armor, counts as damage to chest armor first when chest armor gone - as damage to the actual health.

Incapacitation Resistance

Affliction: Stun Knockdown Stumble Gun hit Melee hit Snare
Torso vulnerability: x0.5 x1 x1 x0.9 x1 x1
Head vulnerability: x2 x1 x1 x0.9 x1 x1
Legs vulnerability: x0.5 x1 x1 x0.9 x1 x2
Arms vulnerability: x0.5 x1 x1 x0.9 x1 x1
Special zone vulnerability: x2 x1 x1 x0.9 x1 x1
- Incap cooldown 5s 1s 1s 0.2s 0s 5.5s
- Incap duration 1.5s --- --- --- --- 3s
- Dissipation rate -20/s -20/s -20/s -20/s -20/s -20/s
- Incap threshold 100
Affliction: Poison Microwave Fire panic EMP Freeze Bleed
- Vulnerability x0.05 x3 x0.5 x2.5 x0.9 x0.01
- Incap cooldown 20.5s 6.5s 6s 5s 1s ---
- Incap duration 5s 4s 5s 5s 4.2s ---
- Dissipation rate -10/s -20/s -10/s -50/s -20/s -20/s
- Incap threshold 100 (EMP Disrupt - 25, Bleed - 65)
Knockdown (getup duration) 2s to getup from back to feet, from chest - 1.78s
Stun (time + wakeup duration) 1.5s + 1.37s
Freeze (time + thaw duration) 4.2s + 1.37s
Stumble (duration) Between (0.87-1.33)s
Parry (duration) Between (0.87-1)s


E.D.A.Rs are one of the few enemies in game capable of attacking players from the distance. They use their projectile attacks at the distance and melee attacks in close combat. E.D.A.Rs are rather evasive and will attempt to dodge players attacks upon taking damage.

Miscellaneous Information


Frustration delay Random (2.5-5)s
Disabled, when total AI remains 12
Cooldown 7s
When hidden, can use after 5s
When spawned, can use after 10s


Penetration resistance 1
Parry resistance 0
AI pause, on gun / melee hit 1s

Various information:

  • Chance to evade after taking damage: Normal - 0.1, Hard - 0.4, Suicidal - 1, HOE - 1. Health loss percentage to trigger evade: all difficulties - 0.01.
  • Every Husk OR Stalker has a chance to spawn as either of E.D.A.R variants. Chance to spawn as E.D.A.R variant: Normal - 0.1, Hard - 0.12, Suicidal - 0.18, HOE - 0.25.
  • (PvP) Rally boost: forces AI E.D.A.Rs to sprint.
  • Penetration resistance = 1.
  • Parry resistance = 1.
  • Dosh reward = 17.
  • XP Reward: Normal - 15, Hard - 20, Suicidal - 27, HOE - 31.

Extermination Tactics

Firebugs are quite effective against E.D.A.Rs due to their weakness to fire and microwave.

For players with the firearms as a weapons of choice it is recomended to aim for the chest core as it has high damage multiplier and is always explosed, even when they still wear their armor.

Demolitionist and Field Medic might have trouble taking them down due to how explosive weapons distribute their damage between armor pieces / low damage output.