Commissars House

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Red Orchestra 2 Map
Commissar's House
Russian counter attack to reclaim the area around Barrikady Factory
Map Type Combined Arms
Creator Tripwire
Version Final
Game Modes CD,TE
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Date: 13th November 1942

Location: Behind the Barrikady Factory, 200 meters from the Volga

German unit: Pi.Btl.50, with armor attached from 24.Pz.Div.

Soviet Unit: 650 Rifle Regiment, 138 Rifle Division

Background: The fighting through the Barrikady was some of the worst of the German assault, with specialist combat engineers being brought up to drive the final assaults forward. But faced with the huge main admin block (known to the Germans as the Commissar’s House), they called up armor support, as all the assaults over the previous days had failed.

Situation: The pioneers were faced with crossing open ground in order to get between the massive buildings in the area. They would rely on tank and artillery support and as much smoke as they could get to cover their movements. The Russians had held this area with extraordinary determination and weren’t about to let go.

Real life end result: The pioneers finally managed to break into the Commissar House, trying to clear it before the inevitable Soviet counter-attack launched. Ultimately, they took the building, but failed to clear the whole area - and the remnants of 138 Rifle Division held out in "Lyudnikov's Island"

Notes: Some of the apartment buildings are still standing today, as well as the "Pharmacy" building itself, along what is now Volzhsky Prospekt.



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