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Red Orchestra 2 Map
A Infantry battle over a ruined industrial complex
Map Type Infantry
Creator Drecks
Version P1
Game Modes CD,FF,TE
RO Ost Remake {{{Remake}}}
Download [Client files at Gamefront]


Date: september 27, 1942

Location: Stalingrad Industrial area

German unit: 79th .Inf.Div, LI Armee Korps

Soviet Unit: 37 Guards Rifle Division

Background: 27 th september the Germans reach the settlements of the October and Traktofactory. Later that week the attack for the Factory started. The Russians already suffered heavy losses but determined not to give more ground dug in once again.

Situation: Attack/Defend map. Germans full of confidence start the attack over an open Railarea.


1th objective Railarea. no recap possible. Capzone with a small interior area. This inside area is crucial. Who owns that area will make have this objective

2th objective The Rollinghall. A large factory hall. This can be recapped by the Russians. Another crucial objective. Russians need to keep it as loosing it will make them spawn further away.

3rd objective Deadly Alley. This is the open ground between the two major factory halls. This objective opens up when the Germans capture the 2th objective. So this will make objective 2 & 3 open for a fight. When the Russians loose this objective Objective 4 and 5 will open up.

4th objective Distribution area 4 This objective can be reached by as small railway tunnel and cover some indoor and outdoor areas. This objective opens together with the 5th objective named The Strippinghall. The 4th objective can not be retaken by the Russians once they loose it.

5th Objective The Strippinghall named after the proces in a steelfactory where they take the molten iron parts out of its Kokille The largest factory hall with multiple acces routes. This is the most important objective and recapable. When Russians loose this and not get it back the Axis attack on the final on the 6th objective starts.

6th objective The Storage area. Mainly indoor objective several warehouses. Here its the final battle and the Germans have the option to flank it from all sides. For the Russians its not one step back from here.


Map History


Red Orchestra HOS Custom map set in an industrial area. Map with 6 objectives Where Allies have to defend some factory halls and open areas. The map use some custom assets made by Shadow Will.

Latest version is named Coldsteel_p1

--Drecks (talk) 16:35, 18 October 2012 (EDT)